If they can change so can you!

I’ve been lucky enough to meet a few inspiring people via telehealth over the past year.   Let me tell you about MaMee first.  She is 75 years young, whoops, 76 now and called me last fall because she wanted to lose the weight she gained during the COVID ‘lockdown’.  MaMee said that she knew what to do but needed accountability and boy was she right!  We spoke monthly and after 8 months, MaMee lost 13 pounds!  What inspired me about MaMee was much more than the weight loss.  During our monthly talks, MaMee filled in the blanks revealing her typical eating behaviors and together we planned specific strategies for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Valentines Day, Easter and most recently, her 76th birthday.  You can see, there’s always a event that involves being ‘blind-sided’ at the store or even at home with family and friends.  MaMee said the candy, cake and sugary treats have a strong pull on her and she knew exactly what had to be done; abstinence, plain and simple.  Exactly like alcohol for an alcoholic; not 1 drink and not 1 bite or there you go down the rabbit hole!   

Meanmom said the same thing about herself; no chocolate and no candy, period.  When Meanmom decided to nuture herself, she threw her stash of processed crapola directly in the garbage and did NOT even dig it out later!  Meanmom is an ‘ANIMAL’ when it comes to hard labor; she has work from one end of Rhode Island to the other (for us locals that’s a long drive).  

As much REAL plant food as possible and voila, a delicious smoothie!

Meanmom’s strategies include learning to make her smoothie before she leaves the house and pack wholesome snacks to keep her satisfied, nourished and full.  We all need to avoid being ‘blindsided’ on the road with convenience foods like pizza or an inexpensive bag of cookies from Ocean State Job Lot and eating half the pizza and the entire bag of cookies mindlessly while driving. 

NOW both MaMee and Meanmom eat plenty of fiber blended in their daily smoothies for another reason too; they need to avoid a backup like what happened recently in the Suez Canal!

Luckily we have only 23 feet from entrance to exit vs. 150 miles for the Suez Canal.  

The last M & M named MeDa who is 62 years old was informed by her MD that Type 2 diabetes was imminent as revealed by her last two Hemoglobin A1C’s(a blood sugar measure over past 3 months).  MeDa refuses to take medication and is using movement and fiber to reverse the recent lab data trend.  This past week, Meda averaged 40 grams of fiber per day and set aside a little time to move her body with walking or light weights, signaling her own insulin to pick up the circulating sugar and bring it to her cells for energy.  

By the way, during this COVID19 pandemic, supplement sales have skyrocketed.   Does supplementing the diet help? 

Real food!!

Yes, but ONLY if there is an actual deficiency that is proven by lab testing.  Be careful, you could create an imbalance…more is not always better when it comes to vitamin and mineral supplements.  REAL food is safer and loaded with vitamins, minerals and powerful antioxidents for REAL results from inside to out; besides food tastes good.

I’m comfortable finally, Hallelujah!

Weight does matter, not just to fit into your jeans but less fat around the belly will decrease our risk for many chronic illnesses like diabetes, heart disease and certain types of cancer.

As always remember the ‘F’ words;  Fluid(without added sugars), Fiber from REAL FOOD and have FUN!  You’ll also be able to sit more comfortably as Meanmom noticed this past week in church.  Hallelujah!


Fluid, Fiber and the Suez Canal!

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