Eight human subjects have changed their lifestyles with food, nutrition and activity.  Their milestones are worth mentioning here. 

First there’s CRustyNo longer has diabetes and NO dialysis in sight!

Less than 1500 mg sodium, potassium and phosphorus!

He writes everything down, not only his calories, but protein, potassium, sodium and phosphorus too.  It’s a masters level college class but he knows he’s worth it.

Next, StOrmin’ Norman, decreased his A1C from 9.4-6.4% & shed 15 pounds!

He avoids processed carbohydrates at most meals and when he cheats and his blood sugar is high the next morning, Stormin’ Normin sings… ‘I know it was my own fault!’  His plan is to stay on track so he’s super healthy when he retires next year.

Faith, is Alive and continues her health journey to get ‘regular’!

What the ‘F’, I’ve been sitting here all day!

Stress eating is also alive with Faith contributing to mindless eating and irritable bowel syndrome.  Plant fiber and fluids are the ‘F’ words she needs to silently chant meal to meal vs. the 4 letter ‘F’ word she and I love to say outloud.  She recently added small amounts of lean animal protein to keep her full while energizing her brain to stay FOCUSED, (another ‘F’ word Faith)!  Between the DASH and the PINK RIBBON diet by Mary Flynn, she’ll stay alive and well.

PEtou, is down 29 pounds, walking 1 hour per day!

The 1 hour walk was key for her in 2 ways.  First, she noticed less of an appetite and also had plenty of clear, mental energy to portion her food in smaller amounts accelerating the weight loss! 

Brrrrrr, it’s too cold out!

She does have a partner who walks on 4 legs but unfortunately her partner is too fragile to go out when the temperature goes below 30 degrees.

Rain, wind or cold, I’m moving 1 hour every day!

Petou shouted from the rooftops she will ‘suck it up’ and walk solo through the colder  months!

Edna May uses Character dancing to decrease waist and weight in addition,  improving LUNG function!

The COVID has kept Edna May indoors and she dedicated 1 room in the house for all her activity including yoga, dancing and meditating.   Less frolicking around town with her friends has proven to be less social eating as well.

Chu, corrected a thyroid imBalance and is also down 15 pounds!

His usual daily diet consists of 3 meals and maybe a snack or 2.

Less red meat in CHU’s diet is good for us too!

Chu has decreased his animal protein by 50%.  He also eats 5 brazil nuts every day for selenium.  He’d rather use food and activity rather than medicine to improve his health.  All summer he enjoyed being on the open ocean fishing and still saved time for yoga!  

He feels better with yoga in his life as well as a Corona once in a while too…bottoms up Chu!

CHa, is down 15 pounds and 2 pant sizEs with his new and improved lifestyle!

Chu and Cha look at themselves from another vantage point for the truth!

CHa says he’s always been strong-minded and decided one day he didn’t want to be dependent on anyone or anything like medicine, drugs or alcohol.  He also wanted to set a good example for his kids.  However, he is human and slips up here and there but learns from his mistakes and knows he is responsible for his eating behaviors and actions.   Candy, sugar and seasonal drinks are things he loved but realized he cannot revert back to those old pesky behaviors.  Beside every good man is an even better woman and Cha has his wife’s support as a plus. 

Last but not least,  AC, increased soluble fiber and reduced her LDL 54 points in 3 weeks!

AC is a beautiful smart young girl in her 20’s and is at a good weight, although; she has always struggled with an elevated lipid profile.  She increased her soluble fiber by 5-10 grams on a daily basis, including organic soy milk in her cereal, flax, chia and hemp seeds in her yogurt, avocado in her salad dressing, veggie burgers, sweet potatoes, garlic, carrots, apples and pears!  Real food with soluble fiber and natural sugars 90% of the time.

Nana, look what I did!

1 day out of 28, AC visited NANA and that proved to be very sweet…candy and donuts!

PS There’s 1 letter in each colorful profile spelling a capitalized word that is current today but not for long.


8 is a Magic Number

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