During this pandemic, you may be feeling desperate and fearful because you’re at high risk for contracting COVID19.  FEAR not, my fellow humans, let’s start with some basic immune boosting strategies.  

The cheapest and best form of medicine is…the breath.   The fact of the matter is most of the time we breathe unconsciously; it’s only when it becomes hard to breathe that we pay attention.

Don’t worry, be happy!

In these times of home confinement, whether you are alone or with others, anger, frustration, anxiety, depression and just plain stress may be rearing its ugly head and making us short of breath. Here’s where conscious breathing is your best friend and most powerful ally for balancing these uncomfortable feelings.

STOP and PAY attention to your breath…why?  Simple breath awareness signals the relaxation response; heart rate goes down, blood pressure goes down as the parasympathetic system brings us back to peace and calm. 

I’m gonna get you!

You are no longer being chased by Joe Exotic or any of his big cats.  This shift from agitation to calm helps us to take pause before yelling at our family, friends or the TV.  

Hey let me catch my breath Mary!

Laughter also helps by creating ‘panic’ and then the release happens (you may or may not piss your pants).  By the way, there is plenty of old comedy to watch on the internet.  Although, in case the power goes out, first read the link below and try some of these simple and powerful breathing exercises.  Conscious breathing will not change our DNA but will help us control any of our ‘out of control’ moments(remember your mother counting to 10 before she flipped out).


COVID19 is not going away so that means we must use this time wisely to become as healthy as possible.  Our emotions are heightened; how can we possibly think straight?  Anger and frustration is close to the surface and you want answers NOW.  You may have surprised yourself when you freaked out behind your mask, sunglasses and hat when a fellow shopper didn’t follow the arrows in the grocery store!  The mask is new to us and can be claustraphobic. 

What brings you back to center?

Because of that anxiety, you either explode or retreat.   Stress is harmful and taxes the entire system, including the immune response.

Breathing and walking is a stress release.  20 minutes a day for physiological changes, like decreased blood sugar, increased circulation and blood flow from head to toe.  Another 20 minutes the second half of the day if you’re looking to decrease your fat mass or you’re bored, and another 20 minutes mid-day (if you’re really bored) for maximum sunlight, deep breathing and even MORE fat loss while building muscle Mr. Rhode Island(you are what you think)!

Even if you’re not in the high risk group, you may be drawn to anything and everything ‘out there’ that seems the perfect answer to fighting the virus.  Avoid the hype and conspiracy theories, DO NOT buy mega doses of vitamins or minerals!  A multivitamin yes, as a safety net;  possibly 1000mg(no more) of Vitamin C  if you cannot get 8 servings of fruit and vegetables a day.  If you are obese, diabetic and/or never get any sun, up to 2000 IU of vitamin D daily is suggested.    Make sure to seek out your local food bank when in need of food.  Otherwise, if you have the means please donate. https://rifoodbank.org/get-involved/donate-food/

For boosting the immune system….Breathe, walk (outside preferably), drink fluids especially water(not in plastic) and eat whole foods as much as possible!  Motivate yourself and others and just DO IT!

Just in case you’re scared, anxious or BORED

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