Hey MARCH is National Nutrition Month and no one cares!  We are dealing with something way more important!  

The thing is, lots of us haven’t shopped, cooked or even eaten at home in months, maybe years, and now…we’re all COOKED!

What do we do now?

Eating out and ‘take-out’ is not as accessible as it once was.  We have to think about what we’re going to buy, prepare and eat at HOME.  Holy shitella, where do we begin? 

Start simple, make a list and think about your day, meal to meal, snack to snack.  Your usual foods may not be available at the supermarket but what could be a replacement in the same food group…look a little left ; a little right and before your very eyes, you will see a replacement. The store is set up ‘like with like’, try something new, your tastebuds are all grown up!

Whole food carbohydrates like grains, greens and beans are the cheapest, quickest and longest lasting form of energy.  Cold or hot cereal, bread, pasta and brown rice just to name few.  Cooked grains are in the frozen section too, just more expensive but maybe you only have a microwave.

Toast, nut butter and fruit…that was easy!

Fresh or frozen fruit and vegetables including berries, potatoes, green beans or broccoli. 

Canned beans are really cheap for the nutrition they provide(not just the flavored ones either)!  

Don’t forget the fats, like nutbutters to make that all that shiz taste good…spices help too. 

Even if your first concoction in the kitchen doesn’t taste that great, add a little more pepper like my friend Yungdoli does or make a soup out of the leftovers by adding broth, beans, cooked pasta, rice or barley…DON’T waste food!

We save money and eat beans, the magical fruit…

Before you eat mindlessly in front of the TV, STOP and FEEL if you’re truly hungry…it comes from the belly; maybe you’re thristy or tired, go to bed early for a change and then get up healthier, happier and lighter.

Ahhhhh, that hit the spot!

Drink water before and after meals…warm water can be calming, with or without a teabag or lemon.  

Eat about 2-3 cups of food MAXIMUM at any meal; the stomach is not as big as you think.  Sit down and enjoy your meals and snacks.  We have more time to chew now that we’re social distancing and best of all, we don’t have to talk to anyone.

Practice eating within a 10-12 hour period only; no matter what! 

It’s me Pam, I’m your neighbor!

This COVID19 may be the silver lining for starting fresh and taking care of ourselves.  I already know plenty of people who are excited about walking outside and eating at home!  

Don’t forget to get off the couch once per hour and move around for 5-6 minutes.  Listen to I’m So Excited by the Pointer Sisters that’s 3.48 minutes right there and dance around the house with no one watching…stay off the coffee table though.  Cool down with Let’s Stay Together by Al Green; that’s 3.20 minutes and you’ve increased your circulation from head to toe.   

Keep track of your minutes daily; if you get to 20 minutes, your heart benefited;  if you get closer to 30 minutes total, you’ve started to lose belly fat;  if you get to 60 minutes, you’ll definitely become stronger, leaner and more motivated the next day to keep going!  The silver lining!  You can split the minutes up too; right Erin?

PS If you’re home alone with your significant other, getting out has MANY benefits.

My lungs seem really good; wanna hear that again Pam?
Turn that Frown Upside Down

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