Anyone can develop Type 2 Diabetes,  but who do you know that has reversed it?   I know plenty of humans(not Trolls) who have improved their health considerably in the last 6 months…NOT completely reversed but damn close!

We are talking humans here;  2 are heavy equipment operators named Squigley and the Billy Goat and then there is Chessy, a retired nurse and last but not least, Cheeto who literally changed his labs overnight(we know this because he monitors his blood sugar)!  All 4 humans, male and female decreased their waist size(measured at the navel)and more importantly their A1C’s, a lab value that measures your blood sugar over the past 3 months so you can’t just eat good the day before the test and get the ‘Atta girl(boy)’ from the MD.  

I look like a troll but I am HUMAN; I quit soda and beer and my A1C went from 9 to 6%!

Billy Goat changed his eating behaviors because he needed to renew his CDL(commercial drivers license) to make a living.  Wouldn’t we all would change our eating and drinking behaviors if our job depended on it?  What if your life depended on it?   Anything you want to live for humanoids?

Squigley operates heavy equipment also and not only did his A1C come down but his blood pressure, weight and waist too.   All of these numbers matter and if they stay elevated, you lose energy, joy and zest for life…besides the fact that your vital organs don’t work as well and the disease is silent but deadly…and tho you may be chuckling right now, it’s NO JOKE.  

What we eat and drink really matters.  

Both heavy equipment operators have something else in common, the first thing both did was give up soda(or pop as they say in the midwest) and Billy Goat cut way back on beer…2 highly processed carbohydrates that increase waist, weight and blood sugar!

I scraped twenty pounds off my waist!

The thing is, we crave these highly processed carbs when our system is all gunked up and running hot…double jeopardy.

Chessy decided if she was going to continue to enjoy her retirement, she needed to make her between meal snacks more wholesome and higher in fiber. 

WoHeLo…Work, Health, Love

For instance an apple vs. cookies.  What Chessy knew to be true is that type 2 diabetes is lethal and she decided once and for all that she was going to do the work to change her health, her labs and her weight.   She wanted to save her sight, her toes and her life!  The WORK is worth it and the payoff is cumulative.   High fiber wholesome foods and activity daily, just like your medicine, every day and cheaper with better side effects..   What you choose to believe about your chronic illness is key. 

I WON!!!


Yeah Chessy…checkmate!

Cheeto decided to stop eating at 7pm and the very next morning his blood sugar was  significantly lower!  Even though his night time snack was relatively small and wholesome,  Cheeto is a full grown man and didn’t need another feeding before bed!   His stomach holds enough fuel for the night.

All 4 humans had a reason to change and owned up to it and then stuck with it.  All 4 have support from family and friends.  All 4 know that type 2 DIABETES will return without continued vigilence when making lifestyle changes.  

As always choose whole grains, greens and beans…fruit to satisfy your sweet tooth and less meat, fish, fowl and dairy.  Drinks matter too!    Here’s how:   How_to_Diet

Happy Holidays and link here for modifying your recipes just for the health of it!

Cheetos, Chess and CDL!

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