Quid pro quo… An apple a day keeps the Dr. away.

Mother nature’s candy!

Said another way ‘tit for tat’.  As a registered dietitian nutritionist, the way I define quid pro quo is; a high fiber plant based diet FOR clean flexible arteries ..OR…disease FOR a processed, low fiber standard American diet(SAD).  In other words, getting something for something; quid pro quo.

A plant based diet with NO meat, fish, chicken or dairy products can and will reverse heart disease and put us humanoids at less risk for other chronic illnesses like cancer and diabetes.  If you don’t believe me…evidence based info right here https://www.ornish.com/zine/triglycerides-too-high-you-can-optimize-your-levels-with-lifestyle-changes/

I have been learning from ‘the Barge’ who recently experienced a cardiac event which resulted in triple bypass surgery.  The Barge read a little during his recovery and learned from Dean Ornish’s latest book, Un Do It that heart disease is less than 10% inherited!  He decided to experiment with the Dean Ornish lifestyle program for reversing heart disease. This is a huge undertaking and the Barge is determined to trod forth and give this very different lifestyle a full year to see what clinical changes may happen to him from the inside out.  

At 4 months post op, the hardest part for the Barge has NOT been the vegan low fat diet, even though  he grew up on meat and potatoes.   Before the cardiac event, he never felt that eating more than a moderate dinner plate of food was good for his system if he hadn’t ‘done any work’.  


As far as the animal protein goes, he says ‘get over it; we aren’t working so hard that we need anything more than beans for fuel.’

He doesn’t mind the daily activity either; as soon as he was discharged from the hospital, he was pounding the pavement twice a day and then at 2 months post op was climbing some steep hikes in Tennesee(not recommended for most of us).

Stop smoking Sonny!


The hardest part so far is NO more tobacco.

The cravings still come and the way he handles it is with gum!    He uses the gum to quell the strong ‘indescribable’ physical and psychological feelings in his mind and mouth and after a few minutes, the craving is gone!

For the past several weeks, The Barge has been 90% faithful to the vegan, low fat Dean Ornish diet.    He has lost more than twenty pounds and gained energy(and gas)as a side effect…quid pro quo.

He sees food as fuel and often reminds himself how horrible he felt after a huge restaurant meal of meat, potatoes, bread and beer compared to the light fare of oatmeal, dried fruit and nuts he thoroughly enjoyed while camping in the Grand Canyon prior to his cardiac event.

He enjoys physical challenges and currently walks at least 30 minutes most days of the week to keep his arteries flexible (in addition to his regular job) and actually enjoys it…tit for tat. 

WoHeLo…Work, Health, Love

Why is he doing all this?  The procedure in the hospital is NOT something he ever wants to do again and the pills are something he wants to decrease over time.  He knows that his body, mind and soul is resilient and realizes, NOW or NEVER!

Do yourself a favor and YOURSELF will return the favor with better health, more energy, and less belly fat!

Quid pro quo (“something for something” in Latin) is a Latin phrase used in English to mean an exchange of goods or services, in which one transfer is contingent upon the other; “a favour for a favour”.

Quid pro quo, Heart disease and the BARGE

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