My good friend Sassy-omo lost 25 pounds and has kept it off since 2014!   She is quite determined and has accomplished a number of lasting behaviors, including cooking for herself and exercising regularly.   She learned how to cook by using the many meal delivery options as a learning tool; then saving the recipes and shopping and cooking for herself!  

Of course she’s had set backs, including a recent one while visiting family and friends in her home town.  When out of her usual routine, her fruit and vegetable consumption went down, eating bread went up and of course more treats…but no soda and her daily walks were still accomplished!   Her sleep was all messed up too(thanks Dad) and without adequate sleep, our ability to choose wisely goes down.  Sassy is back on track and excited about it too.

How did Sassy keep going all these years???  Firstly,  did NOT follow her co-workers when they were losing gobs of weight on a fad diet. 

Yummmmm…Cool and juicy; it’s vitamin water straight up!

Sassy observed they were NOT eating fresh fruit or other whole foods and they were gorging on huge amounts of meat and cheese.  We would talk regularly and usually I just listened because Sassy-omo knew that giving up an entire group of food, especially something she truly enjoyed like fruit did not make sense to her.  Of course she was right so I just kept listening and encouraging her to continue her own personal eating journey(without soda) and daily activity.  I gently encouraged her to be patient knowing that her weight loss strategies would be lasting and keep her heart pumping and arteries flexible through winter, spring, summer and fall…slow and steady wins the race.

Everyone is drawn to a quick weight loss diet and may or may NOT respond favorably.   The problem is you may do more harm than good with a fad diet.  Buyer beware!  When a fad diet gets going and builds up steam because a spokesperson from Hollywood may be backing it, the masses listen and then pretty soon everyone is pontificating on what we should or should not do! 

Sassy knew in her heart and mind that what her coworkers were eating wasn’t healthy for her and she ran it by me.  We discussed low carb, high protein, paleo, keto and other stuff her co-workers were following and how her personal gastrointestinal system would NOT benefit…voiding (pooping) on the regular is important!

Wish I ate some whole grains, fruit and vegetables yesterday

Today I am wondering about the circulatory system.    I would never ask Sassy to eat something that may make her puke or to NOT eat something she really enjoys; but what we have talked about over the years during her health journey are specific, realistic and lasting lifestyle changes to preserve her circulatory system, GI tract, teeth and skin suit!    All food can fit in our diet, and getting ice cream on special occasions can fit too.

The river of life circulates from the heart pump to all parts of the body including the brain dum dum!  Circulation can be improved by lifestyle changes including diet, activity and sitting or walking in stillness(otherwise known as meditation). 

Pam’s homemade sauerkraut, fermented cabbage…probiotics people!

By the way, Sassy knows herself and ‘hates’ meditation even more than cabbage but I secretly know that her daily walks in nature, her church activities and of course her cat promote happiness and circulation within the physical and emotional HEART!

Go outside for a walk and enjoy the extra light while increasing circulation!


Summer Solstice, Fruit, Circulation and Nature

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