No matter how badly you treated yourself in the past, the body wants to be well and with simple lifestyle changes, including diet and exercise, a healthy mind will follow! 

Old school farm boy who didn’t want his face on the WWW!

My farmer friend, Jack Sprat, who used to eat plenty of fat and sugar openly claims that he abused his body for years with cigarettes, whiskey and donuts and has to counsel himself daily to not go back to his old habits.  For the past year or so, Jack has kept himself physically nourished with whole foods throughout the day keeping him mentally alert to avoid the bakery items in his store.   Jack swears he’ll never go back to the processed foods he now calls poison, too much sugar and saturated fat.

High blood sugar scared him straight.   He eats at least an apple a day and that has kept the copays away.  Medicines were NEVER an option for him!

The reason he continues to stay away from whiskey, cigs and processed, high fat, high sugar foods, is because he likes feeling good.  It took a while but he stuck to his guns…the cigs and the whiskey went first, and then he focused on his diet when the Dr. said his cholesterol and blood sugar were rising.   

Donuts arrive every day at his work and he knows one bite could lead him down a bad road, ‘just like any other addicting drug’! 

An apple a day(at least one) keeps the donuts and doctor away!

The one thing he focuses on when he is eating is the portion size…’nothing bigger than a hockey puck’!   That means anything he puts in the ole’ trap, even healthy whole grains, dairy, and lean meat, fish or chicken.

I asked if he gets hungry and he said yes but that slight hunger did lead him to a 25# weight loss along with lowering blood sugar, blood pressure and lipids! 

Now that his Buddha belly is gone, and he’s working like a dog on the farm, he will snack between meals with fresh fruit and homemade granola bars made with REAL ingredients like oats, dried fruit and nuts(the boss gets what he wants and needs)!  

Ahhhh, now I can breathe and work!

Jack was determined to get and STAY healthy and he’s done it with some daily help from his number one fan and co worker; his Sonny boy.  Jack says Sonny reminds him the lifestyle changes he made was ‘worth it all day long’ and to use mental muscle to stay on the path of good health and longevity when those tempting processed foods call your name.  

What changes can you make that will start you on a path to better health?  Some people do better in a group, other like to fly solo.

I sleep like a dog!

Jack did a little of each and one step led to the next.  His goal was to simply feel better and that led to waist loss and decreased blood sugar which led to a clearer, calmer farmer.

Jack eats plenty of fruit and vegetables and avoids processed foods like the plague!  Everything on his plate, other than the vegetables, is portioned no bigger than a hockey puck.  His strategies worked and his blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure is NORMAL.

Diet and exercise is the cheapest best form of medicine and that’s what changed Jack’s lab work and life!   It’s Spring and now’s the time to make a change (or two) every day; if this down-home farmer can do it so can you!    EAT and  PLANT some produce people.

1, 2, 3, GO!

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