By drinking, I mean water(mostly).  Yesterday, a nutrition client told me his son advised him to start his day with a BIG glass of water to stay strong and healthy!  So today, that’s what I did and to tell you the truth, I’ve never played better tennis in my life!  I was running around the court like crazy and I actually felt more calm and patient at the same time.  I should have paid HIM for the nutrition consult…thanks Mark!  Obviously, it’s purely anecdotal what happened with me on the court; it could have been any number of things, my stinky socks, my tight tee-shirt, or my newly strung racket.   I am supertitious, especially when I win.   Regardless, we all need to be reminded the benefits of water because our thirst mechanism is faulty…if we don’t drink, we won’t get thirsty!  Water is so important, we can’t live more than 3 days without it!  Water makes up every cell of our bodies and is necessary to perform so many functions including how our 5 senses work.  Our bodies are 2/3 fluid, and we lose water when we void (poop and pee), breathe and sweat.   Whenever you have a fever, remember to replace your fluids so your vital organs continue to work properly.   Water first, then food, then water again!

I’m sweating bullets right now; luckily I drank half my body weight in water today!

Divide your body weight in half and that’s how many ounces of water are needed daily…more water is needed if you are a crazy sweaty athlete.  Water comes in through food too, fruits and veggies mostly.  This holiday season, kill 2 birds with 1 stone and serve soup first.  

Umm, there’s a little kick to this soup!


Try this cauliflower soup to keep people satisfied until dinner is served.  

The spices are great for REMEMBERING this delicious soup!   Spoon a little plain yogurt on top to offset the heat.

From November through December, the feeding frenzy can either make or break us…it’s easier to stay on track with a plan and being in control feels good too.  Before you swoop in, have a plan.  

Red Tailed Hawk thinking about the choice; chipmunk or mouse.

If you live in the northeast, the temperature is dropping and living creatures are programmed to eat more to prepare for the deep freeze.  Have you ever over eaten and felt so full that you had to lay down and un-zip your pants?  What was it that set you over the top?  The food or a stressful person at the table?  Stuffing and gravy, apple pie and ice cream are calming foods; so take my advice and send the rest home with the guests.   If  brought the pie, go home without it or else it will call your name as it sits on the counter until its gone.

Whatever your risky foods are, know them, and avoid having them in your house or even in the trunk of the car, because you will eat the bait just like any rat no matter how many brothers are dead in the trap.  

With a PLAN,  you will save money too!   PEACH,  is a PENNY-Pincher who lives in Peace Dale and does have a meal PLAN,  that she PORTIONS throughout the day.   She also PAUSES and thinks before a PESKY old eating behavior rears it’s ugly head!   It is possible to eat a sliver of pie, a 1/2 cup of stuffing, no gravy and one 6oz glass of wine…remember; Planning, portioning and pausing…it’s not the last supper;  more holidays  are coming!

If you want to really feel good, donate what you saved on your meal plan to help someone else.


DRINK, Eat and be Merry!

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