Jake, a couple inches off your waist and you’ll SAVE YOUR LIVER!

Are you fat or is your liver fat?  Maybe both and that’s a double whammy.  

We only have one liver and it’s got a lot of work to do, up to 500 functions, maybe more.

Obesity and fatty liver go hand in hand, but even if you’re not obese, you could still have a fatty liver from too much sugar and fat in the diet, or too many medications, and too much time on the couch.

I’m drowning in sugar and fat!


Keeping the liver healthy does not come in pill form.  It involves changing our lifestyle.  The liver is the only organ that will regenerate itself if we eat and drink a whole foods plant based diet.    Sweets and simple carbohydrates like white bread, cookies, cakes and pies are digested quickly and increase insulin levels promoting a fatty liver, with or without a cocktail! 

High fructose corn syrup and trans fats are particularly deadly…avoid them like the plague!  Saturated fats like butter and coconut oil need to be very limited and monounsaturated fats like olive oil along with omega 3 polyunsaturated fats like cold water fish, walnuts and flax seeds will actually help reduce the triglycerides that contribute to fatty liver. 

The sugar in drinks is the worse for our weight and fatty liver.   Of course booze will definitely add to a fatty liver if abused.  According to recent info, there is no level of safe drinking….personally, I’d rather follow the Canadian recommendations, https://www.rethinkyourdrinking.ca/information/. 

How about do what my friends Ali-G and the Razor do…homemade juices with plentiful amounts of organic fruits and vegetables on a daily basis to avoid fatty liver while boosting the immune system and decreasing the waist.    

Ali-G, uses a $43.00 juicer she bought on Amazon as her way of keeping herself looking good with better skin tone while boosting her immune system at the same time.  Beyond that, Ali-G and Razor’s belly’s are less bloated improving their digestion without letting undigested protein particles through the gut wall to wreak havoc within the system.  Do they spend more money on their weekly shopping? Yes but not as much as animal proteins, eating out and buying processed crapola.   They are both determined to improve their health and SAVE their LIVERS.  

Another person I met recently altered her diet to change her lipid profile.  She is a post menopausal woman we’ll call Rollerbabe.  Rollerbabe was not obese or even overweight but presented with an elevated total total cholesterol and LDL(bad cholesterol).  Of course her MD wanted to prescribe statins to improve her lipid profile for the quick fix, but she didn’t want her liver over worked by the medication so Rollerbabe took the bull by the horns and ate less animal proteins(meat, fish, chicken and dairy) and more plants(fruit, vegetables and beans).  In less than one month, Rollerbabe’s lipid profile improved by 24% with no side effects except an extra delightful void daily and some weight loss.   The MD’s office staff finally called with the results and had no idea the numbers had improved; typical.

My LDL went down 58% in 6 weeks; keep going Rollerbabe, you can do it!

DIY and use lifestyle changes to SAVE your LIVER just like Musclelips and Rollerbabe did!

P.S. Get off the couch and go to Whalers for Matt Frazer’s Birthday bash this Saturday 10/20, 5-10pm  Dancing keeps the fat globs from sticking together until you get serious fatty.

Save Your SELF!

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