Summer on the EAST coast is NOT over!    Garden vegetables are still growing and abundant, the ocean and the air are still warm and if you can get outside, you will get some vitamin D.  Other than vitamin D, macronutrients come from eating carbohydrates, protein and fat and micronutrients are the vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals hidden within the macronutrients.  What matters are the TYPE of macronutrients we choose…some are worth it and some are NOT. 

Rocks, wood, repeat… FRESH seaweed, cover and cook…Easy for me anyway.

For instance,  was the traditional clambake I pigged out at, worth it this summer?  Hell yeh…just seeing the process and then waiting patiently for that first bite was definitely worth it!  

The Gordon and Pete show was delicious…the sausage flavored high fiber corn kept me ‘regular’

The only thing I didn’t eat was the sausage; it was too grey for my eyes; but that smoky flavor did penetrate the local corn and damn, was that deliciouso!

In my opinion, gray food is rarely worth it.  I can’t think of one appealing or healthy recipe that is grey, can you?  I have seen some pretty well done animal proteins that are gray in color but I personally, wouldn’t touch them with a 10 foot pole.  Squirrels are gray, seagulls are grey, the ocean and the sky can be gray but no grey food please!!!

NO NICK…NOT worth it!

Are the nutrients in this processed glazed honey bun worth it…NOT for me, because the energy is quickly lost and I’m hungry again in 20 minutes and my mind/body is still a foggy, achey mess.   Is beige food worth it?  Not for me.

We eat with our eyes and if the presentation is a mound of grey or beige colored mush, send your condolences and move away from the plate.  Colorful, whole foods are filling and tasty if fresh and not cooked to a fare thee well besides they are healing dumdum!

Any food will spoil and may or may not turn gray as it’s left to sit around on the counter or in the fridge.  I live with someone who doesn’t mind throwing food out even if it hasn’t turned grey.  He is of the belief if you’re in doubt, throw it out!  But then there’s me, I do NOT want to throw my hard earned money down the garbage disposal or into a compost bin without a smell or a taste; it’s not gonna kill me right?  Well, it may not kill me but it could start off a histamine response that has a long list of symptoms that you may not enjoy…this link will alert you to foods and drink to avoid if you have some or all of the symptoms…PAY ATTENTION to yourself and experiment with your diet, eating more or less of certain foods until you figure out what makes you feel better, clearer, calmer, and at ease.

Come on people, food is expensive, so don’t let it ferment on the counter, especially seasonal fruit and vegetables because they won’t be around much longer…winter is coming! 

Indian Summer is here and you may already be changing what you eat.  Start over now and begin a plant based, anti-inflammatory diet because it tastes good and is healing.  Foods DO HEAL and soups are just one example of an easy to prepare medicinal that we can enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Get in the kitchen and make a soup with what you have, go out on a limb without a specific recipe, you can do it…check out the link below as a guideline. 

grey or gray?

If you hadn’t noticed, I spelled one word in this blog two different ways and they are both acceptable in Scrabble and Bananagrams so do NOT challenge!


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