It has been brutally hot in the Northeast for the past week so I have NOT been eating chili dogs, jogging or starting any fights…LIKE increases LIKE people according to Ayurveda, the oldest medicine in the world!  Now is the time for cool food, Yin yoga and chilling out with yourself and others.

Here’s the deal, anti-inflammatory foods are PLANT BASED; always have been and always will be…you will NOT improve your aches and pains with hotdogs, hamburgers or grilled cheese.    Although, adding a pile of freshly made coleslaw or sauerkraut, like I learned from my West Virginia born and bred friend can help offset some of that fire in the meat and cheese.

Fresh fruit and vegetables flavored with extra virgin olive oil, avocado, nuts and seeds will help keep you flexible for the dance floor.  To make it easy on yourself just throw everything in a blender and voila, you have a delicious medicinal breakfast or lunch.

Matt said add beets and ginger and he knows everything!

The truth is, Mikey Musclelips’  knees only hurt when he doesn’t eat his fruit and veggies.  He also takes a turmeric(curcumin) supplement as advised by the better half, yours truly.

Ok so we all grew up eating crapola here and there.   If you are like 99.9% of the people I know and love, we now have aches and pains.

Pay attention to what your body is telling you and if your path to the future involves walking,

Don’t worry, I won’t be chasing you anymore

running away from dire wolves, snowboarding, sailing, beach volleyball or just simply climbing the stairs to your bed, make time to plan a strategy or two for what you put in the pie hole and also what you do for stress release and flexibility.   It’s important for QUALITY of life.

In the heat of the summer, start your morning early in the cool temperatures with a 20 minute walk for improving circulation…that means increased blood flow from the heart to the vital organs head to toe.  Secondly, stretch the spine in 6 directions on the floor like your cat or dog do when they wake up or standing like us apes do.   Take some time to sit comfortably on the floor or in a chair, close your eyes and simply notice your breath and your body…that’s mindfulness!   Mindfulness is equally important as the walking and stretching.  Last but definitely not least, drink some water(before any food) ‘straight up’ or flavored with mint, cucumber and other fresh fruit.  Of course water and other liquids are only so satisfying…fresh whole foods are important too.  Find 2 or 3 plant based web sites and try at least one new recipe per week…empower yourself by trying a new recipe in addition to your usual routine.  Here’s 3 sites I use to stay healthy and break the monotony of your old favorites.

COOLER healthy people live in Rhode Island

If you’re lucky enough to live near the ocean, get in that COOL epsom salt tub for a soak and then roll around in the mud and do it again…if you want company, come to my YOGA retreat in August.

 Heart Center Yoga Retreat 

Summer 2018

August 10th-12th

 Friday 3-9pm , Saturday 7am-9pm, Sunday 7am-3pm 

Includes Ayurvedic massage or Reiki, 4 yoga classes, walking/dancing meditation, sunrise Narrow River paddle boarding or kayaking,  food, nutrition and mindfulness eating experiences, catered Breakfast, Picnic Brunch, dinner, snacks.  Henna, Mala bead making and more!


$50.00 non-refundable deposit due on 7/31/18  balance due on 8/3/18


Call or text  Pam to reserve a space

(401) 295-4003


Summer, Yoga, Food and FUN

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