Put Rudolph away for the winter Mrs. H.!

Take off those sweaters ’cause bathing suit weather is here people!  36-24-36

You’ll feel better in your bathing suit if you start NOW increasing your fiber to 36 grams, your added sugar no more than 24 grams(6 tsp.) for my female friends (36 grams(9 tsp.) added sugar for men) and last but not least, 36 grams(~7 tsp. or ~2T) of good fat (not saturated) to flavor your grains, greens and beans.

Pasta, Broccoli Rabe and Beans…~15 grams fiber!  Wowsa

Eating plenty of plant foods is key to getting the fiber needed to stay full and avoid irritable bowels, constipation, hemorrhoids and possibly some cancers!   9-11 servings of fresh, frozen, or dried fruit gives us fiber and natural sugar to keep us full and satisfied vs. quickly absorbed muffins, cookies and other tasty processed treats…what you don’t think so???

No matter how old you are, you can re-educate your tastebuds to enjoy fruit vs. processed treats.  Read the label if it’s a packaged food and make sure the added sugars and fats are not over the top.  Added sugar and fat are in foods like ice cream, cookies, cakes and pastries but natural sugar is in fresh, frozen, and dried fruit.  Some dried fruit can have added sugar though.

5 teaspoons of ADDED sugar!

READ the label and you’ll not be duped like I was yesterday with Trader Joes Soft and Juicy Mandarins…1/4 cup of dried fruit is a serving and equals 15 grams of natural sugar…but not the soft and juicy mandarins; 1/4 cup had twice the sugar of wholesome dried fruit, BEWARE consumer of added sugar.

Fruit rarely contributes to increasing waist size…when was the last time you binged on apples, pears or berries?

Save your bakery products until after you reached 36 grams of fiber, we gotta get the fiber first.  There’s nothing as satisfying as a good bowel movement and nothing worst than hemorrhoids.  Count your grams of fiber using this list and prove to yourself whether you’re on the right track or not.  https://fullplateliving.org/high-fiber-foods/list

Start at breakfast and always include fruit and vegetables,  maybe a smoothie like

Matt said add beets and ginger and he knows everything!

Musclelips drinks; he uses a blender, adding liquids first like water, tea and kefir, 2-3 handfuls of greens, an apple or pear, 1-2 beets, 1 banana, 1/2 mango, 2T hemp seeds, 1-2T chia seeds, 1/2 avocado and 1/2c frozen berries and get a whooping 26 grams before 1pm…tastes better than fiber pills, powders or potions too!   

Maybe you’d rather get your fiber from soup for a late breakfast or early lunch, before 1pm anyway.

ONLY 12.5 grams of fiber…put some rabe or avocado in there!

Cooked black rice, lentils and other vegetables with a little plain yogurt on top.   Full and satisfied either way…cooked or cold.

Plan ahead and tally the fiber so you don’t  get constipated or worse yet hemorrhoids!

Carbs are calming but the type of carb matters…

choose plant foods first so you get the fiber FIRST at 36 grams, next 24 grams of added sugar and up to 36 grams of good fats for flavor and voila…


36-24-36; fiber, sugar, fat…ooolala, is that you Ellie or is it Toni, or one of the  Mary’s, it’s Kimbies; not Pampers??

Get to the beach and cool your ‘caliente’ self off.

36-24-36…Fiber, Sugar, Fat

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