Happy Birthday Musclelips!  Your present is this blog, publicly stating; ‘you were right and I was wrong’!

desayuno tipico costa rica!

During a recent vacation in Costa Rica, Mikey and I started our day with walking to the beach and playing in the surf for a couple hours.  When we got hungry, we took a short walk to Las Tortugas for a typical Costa Rican breakfast of coffee, rice and beans, an egg with a little fresh cheese and fresh fruit or freshly squeezed fruit juice. 

From 12-3, we chilled out sleeping and reading.  4-6 was happy hour with a libation or 2 and dinner was ceviche, tuna tartar, rice and vegetables.

The food is really good in Costa Rica and the Nicoya Peninsula is 1 of the 5 Blue Zones where the people live to be a healthy 100 years old!   Research reveals diet and other behaviors in the ‘blue zones‘  can keep us Happy and HEALTHY while we grow older.


There’s not much to do after sunset in Playa Grande, Costa Rica, but on one Tuesday, there was pizza and music in our little beach town and I was was set on socializing.   

Pam, don’t make me leave the beach for so-called pizza!

Mike kept saying he had a bad feeling about the whole thing and didn’t want to go.  I got my way and we ate pizza and suffered through the music…not good.

According to Mike, Costa Ricans should stick to what they know; rice, beans, fruit, vegetables and fish.  Pizza with pepperoni in Costa Rica doesn’t make sense and doesn’t promote health, besides the fact we both got serious reflux and that so-called meal was backing up on us all night long.

Mike has released all privacy rights so I can tell you he has chronic acid reflux, not from GERD but from another type of acid reflux called laryngopharyngeal reflux…that’s a mouthful!   What happened that warm, starry night in Costa Rica was exactly the opposite of what his dietitian wife has been trying to drive home for years… eat light 2-3 hours before bed, no high fat foods, alcohol, tomatoes, or chocolate…or else you’ll get that lump in your throat and be coughing, and keeping yourself and your wife up all night!

Mike, you were right and I was wrong;  everything about that meal led to reflux…high fat pepperoni pizza, acidy tomato sauce, alcohol and the timing of dinner was too close to bedtime .  Reflux medications do help in the short run but they are NOT recommended for a lifetime or they cause other horrible health problems!    

Anyway, Mike was right and I didn’t listen, instead I let my vacation state of mind take over and I completely sabotaged myself and Mike!

Back in our room, there was no laughing; just Mike moaning and groaning, ‘Pam why, why, why’… in between the vague sound of poorly played Spanish ‘elevator’ music off in the distance.

Free yourself, don’t burnout, literally, take control!  Some people don’t even feel the acid but others get a disgusting taste all the way up into the mouth so then you’re teeth get messed up too!   People who live in the blue zones are healthy, happy and free of chronic illness.

Early morning surf

The common thread between all 5 zones are: a plant based diet, meat as a condiment if meat at all, a little bit of fresh cheese here and there, small amounts of alcohol, big meal mid day and of course they socialize with family and friends along with other stress relieving activities like gardening and SEXy Time!

‘You were right and I was wrong!’

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