In my home state of Rhode Island there are a zillion restaurants on practically every corner in every city and town…pasta, pizza, burgers.  What about green curry?!  I’ve never had green curry until I drove over 2 bridges to check out after my husband(who can’t stand cumin) raved about the place.   I couldn’t believe how delicious the vegan green curry ramen was…my next mission was to google ‘Vegan Green Curry’ and re-create the recipe at home, after all, I can’t be wasting gas like that.

Here’s the recipe I started with and almost followed but I did decrease the garlic a little so I wouldn’t be too much up in the air and also added a bunch of fresh cilantro to ground me.

I loved the vibrant green color of the curry

I love green curry on everything now!

and because I am of Irish decent, I will celebrate St. Patrick’s Day but NOT with corned beef.  This year, Mick meets Indian.  I never did enjoy that stringy, reddish, brown meat; although, I will have cabbage, carrots and potatoes on St Patty’s Day but I will NOT boil them until they’re soft and soggy, after all I chew now; sorry Mom.  Instead I’ll steam or stir fry to keep the texture and flavor of the vegetables along with the nutrients.  I’d rather get my vitamins and minerals directly in my pie hole vs. losing them down the sink with the water.

Food and nutrition has changed for me over the years and hopefully for you too.  If your current health goals include less pain and more flexibility, eat 2-3 cups of vegetables every day, raw, steamed or stir-fried.  Experiment with a new recipe like I did with the green curry or check out this site for other easy vegetable recipes

Go Further with Food people!

Take yourself and your tastebuds out on a limb and go further with food that is plant based and leave the meat and cheese behind for the health of it.

Green food can be bitter to our tastebuds, which is why restaurants and recipes come in handy.  Salt and fat make green food taste less bitter.  If you’re like me and you only use recipes as a guide, remember this… definitely stick to the amounts of salt and fat in the recipe or your dinner guests will never come back.

Start fresh this month and clean out your fridge including any and all unrecognizable bluish-green food that’s been in there since 2017.

Check out this list before you go shopping for some fresh green foods.

I went further with food when I traveled the 20 miles over 2 bridges for green curry to a restaurant in Newport RI and then even further when I dared to make homemade green curry and serve it on eggs for my family and friends.  Even Mikey liked it!Video

Go Further with Food

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