Voiding is important and looking at your void is equally important.  Learn from animals; they void, they look and they sniff.  Be like the animal you are and use your senses after a void…ask yourself; what the hell did I eat yesterday with all that stink?

Whoa, a hemorrhoid? More fiber like Pam said!

What did I not eat yesterday?  Why do I have all this pressure?  When is this pain in my belly going away?  How can I still be sitting here on the throne?  Is this a hemorrhoid?

When you are pooping or peeing too much or too little and something just isn’t quite right, investigate the ‘F’ words…fiber, fluid and fitness!

That didn’t look or smell right

You are your best doctor, dietitian and lead investigator.  Stop look and smell the waste in the toilet bowl to head off a disaster.  Of course poop and pee have an odor; it’s waste!   However; if you’re the least bit curious and you see or smell something in the toilet bowl that’s different, take a moment to think about what went in the pie hole the day before.  Beets will color our poop reddish and may slow down the transit time like other root vegetables.  On the other hand, whole grains, non-starchy vegetables and fluid can improve digestion, assimilation and ELIMINATION…ahhhhh; what a relief.  Don’t forget to elevate your feet when sitting on the throne.


“C’mon, I wanna go to Yawgoo before the snow melts!”

Some human specimens cannot tolerate certain food or fluids.  A hard, soft, smelly or irregular void may indicate a need for a changeup with your usual eating schedule.   You don’t necessarily have to give up the foods you ate yesterday, but if you’re on the toilet for 10 pages vs. 1-2 pages, you may need to decrease the portion sizes of certain carbohydrates like FODMAPS https://www.ibsdiets.org/fodmap-diet/fodmap-food-list/ .

Most of us eat differently during the holidays; more of everything for some of us and then what about the cookies, alcohol, fatty meats, cheese and little to no fruit and vegetables?

Now that the holidays, the bomb cyclone and the cold blast is gone, start over and focus on your eating behaviors…remember the ‘F’ words…fiber, fluid and fitness so your void is quick and clean.  There’s nothing better than a bulky, quick moving, faint smelling BM and nothing worse than a hemorrhoid.

If waist loss, lowering blood sugars, or getting ‘regular’ was part of your New Year’s resolution, try warm broth based soups https://www.yummly.com/recipes/high-fiber-vegetable-soup with plenty of vegetables and beans (if your belly tolerates them) and of course drink water before and/or after every high fiber meal along with 20-30 minutes of daily activity.

Jake, a couple inches off your waist and you’ll have a better void, guaranteed!

Keep track of your efforts in a notebook, write everything down; your BM’s, blood sugars,  your activity and try counting your fiber https://fullplateliving.org/high-fiber-foods/list .

Have fun getting to know your system and make sure to enjoy the journey so the next day’s void is pleasurable…no pain, less time and less toilet paper.  You know what I mean.


Happy New Year and here’s to the ‘F’ words!

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