During the holidays, everyone is busy, so my present to you is a shorter blog.  Happy holidays people and read on!

It’s not worth it

First of all, if you drink, don’t drive.

Secondly, if you eat, keep it simple.  Thirdly, even if you don’t have a dog, walk yourself around the block everyday…your back and your lungs depend on it.

Get off the couch so your back doesn’t go out!

Take it from Sandra, her back went out at Thanksgiving from being on the couch too much!

Should we eat more calories in the winter?  Maybe yes, maybe no…depends if you actually go outside in the colder months(to your car and back doesn’t count).  Fat on the body is necessary insulation for our vital organs year round.   However; too much fat, is like wearing a heavy raccoon coat 24/7…hot as hades in the summer, sweating in the winter and slightly comfortable if the temperature dips to way below freezing and you decide to go outside.

What?! When did that happen?

Navel circumference matters, no more than 35” for women and 40” for men.

What a voice Gomer!

Winter officially begins on December 21st…think about what you want to give yourself for the holidays…hopefully something that’s health promoting.   Treat yourself to a gym membership if you can’t stand the cold or buy yourself some warm insulated boots, a jacket, hat and gloves for walking around the block while listening to Jim Nabor’s Christmas album(RIP Jim).

New and improved winter clothes are lighter and warmer nowadays vs. those heavy fur lined boots and coats that Daniel Boone wore.  Welcome to the 21st century!

If you do enjoy winter sports, more calories may be necessary, at  least for keeping your body temperature at 98.6.   If you’ve decided to   hit the slopes, long lasting calories include high fiber plant foods like whole grains, fruits and vegetables.  Keep GORP (nuts and dried fruit) in your pocket.  When you do take a break, don’t be tricked that a ‘nip’ is warming; it may feel warm going down but the body will spend energy(calories) to metabolize the alcohol, drawing heat from your extremities;  besides the fact that alcohol impairs our judgement and it happens with more than 1 for women and 2 for men.  Why risk an unintended tumble; you never know who’s filming you…be on your best behavior kids.

How Ya Doing???

I can’t believe you’re still bound up Marcus…eat your vegetables like your mother told you!

You’ll know ‘how ya doing’ if you have a good void every day and if you don’t, it means you didn’t eat enough plant foods to offset the pasta and parmesan that slow down the transit time through the 23 feet of internal pipes…add more soluble and insoluble fiber to your pasta and cheese and then you won’t be full of s#@* and all bogged down!


Oatmeal, turmeric, nuts and cranberries

(the English accent gets you through the video and you’ll learn something too)

Raccoon Coats, Winter and How ya Doing?

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