Eating the Rainbow does NOT mean Skittles kids.  REAL food comes in a multitude of colors and those colors represent powerful antioxidants protecting the body from pesky invaders called free radicals.  Today, fill at least half your Thanksgiving plate with vegetables and enjoy eating the rainbow of colors, knowing that those colors are made up of tiny warriors working to kill any free radicals trolling around your inner system.   Take care of your mind/body, it’s the only way to total health and well being.

From tomatoes and pomegranates to oranges and yellow squash to green leafy spinach, kale and green beans to blueberries,

Pam’s purple potato from the Peace Dale garden Patch!

purple potatoes to cauliflower, and to make everything taste better, onions and garlic!   Of course these powerful fruits and vegetables have been isolated and sold as pills, potions and powders; but REAL food has other components like fiber, vitamins and minerals.   Whole plant components work synergistically for decreasing risk for obesity, diabetes, some cancers and other chronic illnesses; besides the fact that food is tasty and satisfying.

By the way, Vegetarian Journal publishes great recipes and reported recently more studies that reinforce reasons WHY we would want to eat a plant based diet and how to do it on a budget.

I save money because I eat mostly plants!


If your waist is growing and you’ve decided to give up cheese, or another animal food, have fun and enjoy experimenting at the grocery store and in your kitchen.  Maybe you’d rather alter an old favorite recipe of your mother’s to a vegetarian or vegan version for improving your health and the health of your friends and family at this Thanksgiving table and beyond.  Start where you are and continue your health journey adding whole plant foods at all meals and snacks…you’ll soon start to think straight too.

My girlfriend Erin gave up meat 17 years ago; she’s gorgeous!

Maybe you do buy good fresh food and then don’t eat it…you’re not alone;  people have great intentions for their health and then let their fruits and vegetables rot on the counter or in the back of the fridge.   In the beginning of your health journey, you may find it helpful to track your efforts with a daily diary reminding you of the master plan, counting your total fruits and vegetables every day until eating these foods becomes a habit.  Changing eating behaviors is a college level course that requires focus, including specific, daily strategies that are realistic and measurable throughout the day.  It seems the only way eating habits can possibly change to include more plants is if you have a reason, a good reason…not just weight loss…maybe what you see in the mirror is NOT YOU anymore.  Human skin is the biggest organ in the body and along with the other vital organs, either gets starved or nourished.  Start now or start over and feed your mind/body the best fuel possible, take charge and say ‘no thank you’ sometimes.

‘Personalities are memorized thought patterns’, a phrase that has stuck with me.  To me it means, we are raised in households eating certain foods and these learned recipes stay with us through adulthood and shape the way we fuel ourselves.  If and when you’re ready,  change can happen anytime, any where…start where you are.

Eating the Rainbow on Thanksgiving and Beyond

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