If you don’t eat anything out of a package, no need to read this blog!  On the other hand, packaged foods have labels that are worth reading to see ‘almost’ the truth.  In my nutrition office today, a curious person brought in an empty bag of popcorn.  Previously, at home, after she ate the entire contents of the ‘snack size’ bag of popcorn, she noticed it was labeled 2 servings…since when is ‘about’ 1.75 cups of popcorn a realistic serving size?   My friend decided to do the simple multiplication on the label to see ‘about’ how much she ate for calories, fat and sodium.

If Snoopy can do it so can you!

The calories were off by 50, the fat off by 3 grams, the sodium off by 60mg…the numbers were tweaked by the manufacturer to favor THEM not the consumer…she felt she was duped but had a wonderful void the next day!

When reading a label,  the portion size is a good place to start…most processed snack food manufacturers make the portion size around 150 calories…that’s usually 1-2 processed carbs and 1-2 fats(usually NOT a healthy fat).  When we’re tired and hungry, quickly absorbed carbohydrates call our name; and we rarely stick to the portion size.  The only way to resist packaged, calorically dense, un-satisfying snacks is to plan ahead and eat whole foods throughout the day to head off the that feeling of ‘hangry’.  Easier said than done right?  Do the math if you eat out of a package and ask yourself if it was worth it…maybe yes, maybe no…satisfied for minutes or hours?

Musclelips mixing up a stiffy!

People I know and love (including me) buy whole foods with hard earned money and let them rot on the counter and in the fridge.  Getting in the habit of eating your delicious farm fresh fruits and vegetables takes focus.  Slow down and stop mid day for an apple and 1 T peanut butter or hummus and crisp raw veggies or blend everything on the counter and in the fridge together for a refreshing drink…you’re worth it!

A beautiful woman I know with pink hair and insulin dependent diabetes,  reduced her medications, blood sugar and waist by eating locally grown cherry tomatoes like they were jelly beans!!!

Pam’s Peace Dale garden haul today


The brain does need sugar ‘straight-up’ to operate but the brain also prefers a steady flow of fuel from complex carbohydrates rather than high’s and low’s that come from processed, packaged food.  Popcorn is a complex carb; high in fiber; slowly absorbed and can be a really good choice if made homemade or a decent choice if you read the label and KNOW exactly what you’re eating including the ‘hidden’ fat and sodium…do the math dumdum!

Instead of popcorn, how about fresh locally grown corn, paired with tomatoes in this recipe https://www.today.com/recipes/corn-tomato-mason-jar-salad-recipe-t114344  ?Homemade supports our body and brain like no packaged food could ever do…check it out, the recipe is easy-peasey!

6 servings of veggies!!!

You’ll balance your mood and have the best void the next day too…now that’s a good way to start your day people!

Whole foods work for us, we need to

flip ourselves around and make a plan that includes REAL food vs. restaurant food, processed snacks and candy.   What fuels our body and mind?  ANSWER:  WHOLE FOOD!!

I eat whole foods and I am 17 years YOUNG…no processed crapola for me

Farm fresh locally grown vegetables and fruit ‘straight up’ taste really good and are high in fiber, with bountiful levels of micronutrients that keeps us calm, energized and balanced…you’ll sleep better too!

Pack your lunch for work and slow down and enjoy your homemade food kids!


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