Easter and Passover are 2 events that may or may not make you fall off the wagon…I have faith in the people I wrote about last month and I know that each one of them will be tempted (like the rest of us) but all three have a plan…the ‘bomb’ is making a mock coconut custard pie using riced cauliflower to replace the traditional Easter rice pie on her table.  Remember ‘Spring’?  She has been journaling and focusing on eliminating dairy and processed grains as well as increasing veggies and says her aches and pains are GONE!  Mr. EB lost another 3 pounds by adding more food with fiber and 1 less beer on the weekend.  His plan for Easter dinner is to fill his plate TWICE with plenty of vegetables and a little ham, then for dessert, choose no more than 1 cup of sweets…maybe a cookie and a sliver of pie; he’s not sure yet.

By the way, these blogs I write do include my opinions based on my clinical experience as a registered dietitian and nutritionist over the past 37 years.  I accept no money from pharmaceutical or supplement companies; although, I would accept money or REAL food from local farmers…especially seaweed, my new favorite ingredient.

No waves today but plenty of seaweed

What ‘new’ anti-inflammatory foods are you planning to include this week?  Who has  seaweed on the menu?  Why not?

When are you going to become more adventurous?  We live in the Ocean State for Pete’s sake and have miles and miles of shoreline;  700+ miles free to walk and forage seaweed…up to the high tide mark, that is.


Timmy! Grab me some seaweed while you ride that hog in

You are never too old to re-educate your tastebuds for REAL food including seaweed.  The medicinal effects are numerous, check out the research from a ‘pro’! http://www.todaysdietitian.com/newarchives/0616p46.shtml   If you don’t have the time or the brain power to read the entire article; scroll through the ‘conditions’ and choose the one that matches you and read that section.   Also, the safety paragraph is pretty important too, especially if you take medications.

We all have imbalances within the mind/body system, including obesity, maybe it’s what you haven’t been eating that’s keeping you ‘dis-eased’.   Is your belly growing side by side with increasing cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar and achy joints?  Will seaweed take away all your ailments and reduce your navel circumference?  Of course not, but the point is, if you include more whole foods that are high in fiber, like seaweed and other vegetables, you WILL improve your health and you may decrease your waist, leading to decreased blood lipids, blood pressure, blood sugar and increased mental and physical energy.  What are you waiting for???

Recently in Rhode Island, I went to a seaweed cooking class in Narragansett presented by Brett Mayette and now I’m ‘all in’. Check out his website http://consciouscuisineri.com

Since you’re going down, grab me some seaweed Mary!  PS I saw him drop in on you…bad karma

Brett prepared a number of delicious and easy recipes using different types of Atlantic seaweeds some of which he foraged from Narragansett and others he purchased dry from Maine Coast Sea Vegetables at https://www.seaveg.com/shop/

You can purchase dry seaweed seasoning already toasted and or buy fresh and roast yourself in a very low temperature oven until dry enough to crush into a powder…Add 2 T to your tuna or salad dressing…voila kid!!!

Sushi is a treat for me but Brett’s seaweed recipes will be a staple in my diet now!  If 90% of your diet is REAL whole foods and 10% processed, you will be healthier than the average bear… Omnivorous: eat a variety of things. Make a plan and include vegetables, roots, berries and greens every day…you can leave out the insects and larvae tho.

Be the American black bear; forage a little for your food instead of eating the same old processed crapola.  Local RI farmer’s markets are a good start and have seaweed too…http://ediblerhody.ediblecommunities.com/food-thought/captain-david-blaney-turns-tide-towards-sea-vegetables

Easter, Passover and Seaweed

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