Happy New Year! What are you thinking, doing, feeling as we leave 2016 and move to 2017? Without dwelling on anything too long, just spare a moment and enjoy yourself. At this time of year people often come to me for advice on losing weight as a New Year resolution…weight matters but happiness matters more. If your excitement for life is in the toilet, how do you get up and going? It’s certainly not easy to drown out the negative emotions coming in from all angles including our own negative self talk but I am here to say, it can be done and I have witnessed it with my nutrition and yoga students day after day, year after year.

I have seen and counseled many nutrition clients that inspire me daily…take for instance Ed, who lowered his cholesterol and weight by leaving meat and dairy behind. He has a schedule of eating whole grains, fruits, vegetables, beans and nuts on a daily basis and he does have a piece of pie every day too! Ed isn’t too rigid though because when I offered him a Siggi’s coconut & date protein bite, he quickly accepted. The recipe is easy and wholesome; 1 ball is filling and satisfying too unlike your typical holiday balls! http://www.foodandnutrition.org/Siggis/Coconut-Date-Protein-Bites/

Cam firing up with a Siggi’s coconut high protein bite!

Queen Leah, another friend and nutrition client has made many changes over time researching and learning the facts about food and nutrition vs. the fads. QL has had quite the journey with huge life changes that affected her health and well being negatively. It has been quite a ride with many ups and downs for QL and ‘that’s life’ as she puts it, ‘sitting with the brick in your lap.’ At this point in time, QL lives alone and adds fresh or frozen vegetables to pre-packaged non-GMO, organic frozen vegetarian meals increasing the fiber and the REAL FOOD factor with her simple additions. QL has also chosen to include very little, if any animal products, including fish, keeping her arteries flexible and lowering her blood pressure reducing her risk of stroke, heart disease and cancer. QL does want some waist loss as well and is determined to continue tweaking her eating behaviors because she feels better and is patient that the waist loss will follow. Queen Leah also realized that saying ‘no‘ to activities that get in the way of her own good efforts is a strategy that helps keep her moving forward on the health journey.

What motivated these two and others to change??? They said YES to life. They accept and suspend what they cannot change as QL said it so matter of factly. Physical activity helps their efforts as well. Moving the body on a daily basis frees up the mind for a bit and allows stress release for many hours following physical movement.

Talk to yourself with kindness and use a daily positive statement silently spoken to motivate you on the health journey that you have chosen. Savor the moments by not talking so much and listen. Listening to nature and the little guy in your heart is really exciting and calming all at once. I spoke to a friend of mine who commented about his solo fishing journeys in Rhode Island and the unbelievable peace and calm he receives from the sights and sounds of nature. Our fast paced society can and will upset the cart if you let it…slow down and start over as many times as you need to or want to, knowing the strength within is more than enough to heal and maintain your health.

Happy New Year!!!

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