So you have type 2 diabetes? I’m sure you’re thinking, “There goes any chance of enjoying food again,” but wait…although this disease might seem like the end of the world, there are plenty of ways to control it as long as YOU are ready and motivated to change your lifestyle. If you get a little guidance from a registered dietitian nutritionist, you can have diabetes and still eat your cake too. The better you are at controlling your carbohydrate intake, the easier type 2 diabetes will be to manage. Don’t have diabetes? If you’re a woman with a waist circumference over 35 inches or a man with a circumference over 40 inches, then you might be at risk for developing type 2 diabetes. So put down that soda and try some fruit-infused water instead!

Did you know the risk of having a heart attack for people diagnosed with type 2 diabetes is equal to someone in a hospital bed who has just had a heart attack? It’s shocking, but

Insulin allows your body to use the sugar from carbohydrates as energy, but for someone with diabetes, this is not the case. The insulin is still produced by the pancreas, but is resistant to picking up the glucose and bringing it to the cells for energy.  Insulin is a growth hormone and if circulating throughout the bloodstream, not doing its job, you will GROW in the belly with a few more chin hairs as well!   With that being said, there are many ways to live with type 2 diabetes and I have two success stories to get you motivated.

It just so happens that one of my most successful diabetes stories happened this past month. A husband and wife were referred to me both having type 2 diabetes and on high doses of insulin. They were both very good at managing their insulin to offset their erratic diets. I nicknamed the husband Johnny because he wore all black and presented with a full head of salt and pepper hair… gorgeous. unknownHis wife, June, equally as gorgeous; however, both growing an out of control belly due to the high doses of insulin resulting in uncontrolled cravings for processed carbohydrates.

What happened after our first meeting was nothing less than miraculous. After just a week, they both established an eating schedule that included breakfast, lunch and dinner, separated by 4-5 hours. They continued to monitor blood sugars 4-6 times a day to check for highs and lows while eating 4 whole grains spread throughout 3 meals, along with 2 starchy vegetables, 4-6oz. animal protein, 2 fruits and NO CHEESE!

Of course, behind every good man is an even better woman and what June provided was homemade, wholesome, img_2747high fiber soups for the evening meals. If and when Johnny was hungry between meals, he would microwave a bag of frozen green beans, season heavily with garlic and lemon and chow down! They saved so much money by decreasing their short term insulin by 25-30%, the first week!

During the second week, not only did the short term insulin go down but long term as well. Again more money in their pockets and now they are in California on vacation!

This may seem miraculous but they were ready. Johnny enjoys his work and they both have the desire to stay alive enjoying each other, their children and of course the grandchildren.

One more thing, water is their drink of choice; no more artificially flavored drinks. They began a new ritual together imagesenjoying a cup of herbal tea after their PM meal and if their blood sugar is below 140 two hours after night time meal, they have a pre-determined snack and go to bed and sleep like a couple of babies!

Type 2 Diabetes is definately manageable!

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