My job as a registered dietitian nutritionist is to guide people in creating a diet that helps them get healthier and then maintain their health.  What I have found over the 30 years I have been in private practice is that some people just need to trust their own inner guidance.  If all of us just stopped and listened, our inner wisdom gives us the answers.

WE are completely in control of what gets in to our sacred temple, for better or worse.  The thing is we live in an incredibly fast paced society rushing here and there; how can we possibly pay attention to our mind body health with all these distractions?!  Most of us know the ‘shoulds’ and ‘shouldn’ts’ of healthy eating and living yet we continue doing what we have learned and rush around in our toxic food environment eating the first and fastest things available taking shallow breaths all the while.  Only when we get sick, are we finally forced into the present moment!  This is the precise moment we decide to start fresh and unfortunately get tempted by sensational ads for pills, potions and powders that promise to cure whatever ails us.  autumn foodComplimentary and alternative medicine doesn’t have to include anything but a whole foods diet and natural breathing!

The most important nutrient is oxygen so lets start here.  Observe your own natural breath.   Close your eyes so you don’t get distracted while bringing your awareness to your breathing.


Try not to change the breath; although, you may have the desire to take a deeper fuller breath and may even need to sigh here or there.  Be patient and just sit in stillness with your eyes closed and observe the breath, body and mind during this conscious awareness.  Without analyzing, accept what you are noticing and know that natural breathing does not always feel right.  You can’t do anything wrong during this powerful observation.   Add this simple 3 minute breathing practice daily before breakfast, lunch and dinner, knowing it’s primary purpose is to improve your health and well being.  Will you set aside 9 minutes a day for your total health and well being?

Returning to your natural breath takes practice and is equally important as any prescribed pharmaceutical. You will become more connected to your senses and start to experience changes in your mind body that surprise you, including your daily food choices.

NOT Feeling it for this BURGER today...
NOT Feeling it for this BURGER today…

Processed food and drinks may begin to seem too salty or sweet; raw and cooked meatswill smell different and you may be interested in eating more vegetables and beans as your protein source.

Fresh water may become your drink of choice rather than any processed juice or dairy drink.  The Yoga of Eating will tell you more, get the free ebook here:

Be kind to yourself.  Everyday is different and tuning in to your daily vibrations is crucial in making decisions that are right for you.  Remember that your natural breath is always with you and you can draw on your inner wisdom anytime anywhere.

When your food and drink choices change, you may experience changes with your elimination routine.  Everything is connected, breath awareness leads to natural breathing which leads to lifestyle changes as directed from your own inner wisdom!

Free yourself by letting go of what you’ve read or heard that you ‘should’ or ‘need’  to do and trust your own self-awareness.   As you practice breath awareness, you may find yourself starting to develop some rules that include avoiding certain foods and including other whole food choices.

We all want to be healthy, happy, and whole. The only way to get there, is by harnessing the tools found from within.

Breathing is Important

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