In the northeast the ground has finally warmed up and is ready to plant tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers … whatever you want!


Even if you only have a window sill or back step, use it

Cilantro seedlings
Cilantro seedlings

to grow something, anything…legal that is.  There’s nothing like fresh herbs to season your summer soups, salads and salsas.

Parsley and Basil
Parsley and Basil

Basil, cilantro, parsley and chives are easy to grow and need a warm, small space or large pot in a sunny location.  Of course watering is necessary to keep the plants growing…don’t forget they are living things and need a little love and attention in addition to water.

Memorial Day weekend is the safest time to plant in the northeast.  Any time before that may require creative ways to keep the soil warm so the plants don’t croak; i.e. blankets, straw, grass, etc.  Buy plants that have already been started at your local Farmer’s Market.  If you are new to gardening, any and all questions will be answered by the venders on how, when and where to plant for the best possible growth and yields.  If you have no desire to ‘grow your own’ then by all means just buy some fresh, in season, locally, grown fruit and vegetables.  Why?  Because the vegetables and fruit from a Farmer’s Market taste great and secondly, they haven’t traveled 100’s or 1000’s of miles to your local big chain grocer, doused with added chemicals to halt and/or enhance the ripening process.  Some cancers are hormone induced particularly fueled by foreign chemicals and plant pesticides.  Hopefully you are eating more plants and less meat by now; however, if you are craving a steak or chicken, treat yourself to locally grown livestock and experience the difference in taste, texture and appearance.  Yes you will pay more but the health outcome is priceless.

Today I met with a group of cancer survivors and they were so lively and interested in keeping themselves cancer free with food as their medicine.  We discussed the current guidelines for reducing the risks for cancers from and learned why eating less red meat and avoiding processed meats is key to an anti-inflammatory, plant based diet.   Questions were raised about organic vs. inorganic plant foods and here’s the list of the dirty dozen to buy organic!

The Pink Ribbon Diet book by Mary Flynn was recommended for the plant based recipes as well as learning the reasons for choosing anti-inflammatory foods as a means to stay cancer free.

Most people know that smoking increases your risk for cancer but how many know that red meat, processed meat and alcohol combined really increase your risk.  Eating less animal protein does not mean you will be unhappy or lose bone or muscle either.  Starchy vegetables, including pulses and beans have plenty of non-fat, high fiber protein and taste delicious flavored with good fats like EVOO, avocado, seeds and nuts.  Re-educating your taste buds for more plants and less animal products is not as hard as you think…of course you have to have a reason…isn’t avoiding cancer enough?

The group of cancer survivors wanted to know about alcohol…recent research determined that if you don’t drink don’t start!  Unknown-1If you do like to drink alcohol, women should stick to ONE alcohol equivalent per day and potion size matters…fill your wine glass half full(4-6oz)and keep it to one glass if female and 2 if your male.

PS you can’t save your drinks for the weekend and get blotto either!

Grow Your own Medicine!

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