I have the need to confess something. I binged on Good & Plenty last night!  WHY???  My schedule was off, I went too long without eating, no activity and not enough fiber, that’s why.

My day started off good and I thought I had a high fiber breakfast but it added up to a mere 3 grams!  I had a cup sauteed kale, 1 soft boiled egg and 2 slices of toast. That damn bread was less than 1 gram per slice!   HINT:  If you don’t get between 8 and 10 grams of fiber at each of 3 meals, you are bound to be trolling around for something to fill the gap.  

Another variable prior to my ‘binge’ included that I went to work with no snacks and didn’t stop to have lunch. HINT:  If you let more than 4-5 hours go by during the day without eating, you are bound to be obsessing over your next morsel of food due to extreme hunger.

The last variable I noticed  was I also had no time for yoga, meditation or the elliptical the morning before my ‘binge’.  I worked and didn’t eat or drink all day.  HINT:  Physical, mental and emotional energy can be fueled by yoga, meditation and aerobic activity.

When I was driving home from work, all I could think of was food!  What was in my imagesrefrigerator?   Was there anything to eat that would be fast without being too crappy?  l knew I needed something quick to fuel my brain…I was getting kind of bitchy.  I rushed in the house stood in front of the fridge and ate a mound of leftover spaghetti squash,  a small amount of leftover kale and a tiny bit of refried beans.   Decent right???  Wrong… only 4 grams of fiber!   Besides I was standing up at the counter just shoveling that good food in… cold, mind you, not even tasting or enjoying it.  I next went to the cabinet and took out some rice crackers; salty and gluten free…NO FIBER!!!!  Tasted good but not good enough so I went back to the fridge and took out some feta and kalamata olive spread…salty and creamy…NO FIBER!  I decided to make a cocktail and sit down.  I remembered I had no fruit during the day so I made a libation with vodka, pear nectar and lemonade with a squeeze of fresh lemon… again NO FIBER, but plenty of sugar for my brain.  I was now sitting at the counter with my laptop opened scrolling facebook; eating the cheese and crackers while sipping on my drink.  Soon the crackers were gone and so was the drink…I put away the cheese spread.  I ate a half of grapefruit….yessssss… 3 grams of fiber!  I ate a lot of food with only 10 grams of fiber total for the day.  Hint:  To avoid binging eat 25-30 grams of fiber/day from REAL food!

I sat down to watch some TV and immediately had the urge for candy…I called my husband and demanded he bring home Good & Plenty.  Soon he arrived with 2 oversized bags(they were 2 for 1) and I ate one bag.  I went to bed while still chewing candy.IMG_1014

Today I did the math…the bag I devoured was 5 servings totaling 700 calories with 125 grams of sugar which equals 31.5 teaspoons…holy shitella!

When I woke up this morning, I told myself that I was carbohydrate loading last night for my tennis match today…my mind is always looking out for me.  The other bag of Good & Plenty is still here but I am about to hide it somewhere…does that work?

PS  No it doesn’t

Binge Eating Behavior

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