We live in a toxic food environment and by that I mean there are highly processed foods available everywhere; at school, church, home and in the supermarkets.  Some people know what foods to choose in their diets; however the masses keep including too many high salt, high sugar processed foods that link us to binge eating behaviors.

Too much eating means eating more than is required to keep the body and soul together.  Bhagavard Gita 6.1.6

I have learned so much by listening to others describe their eating journeys in my private practice and with absolute permission, I want to share a brief story written by Nancy, who has come to know her true self…

‘My journey learning to eat healthfully.

Since childhood I’ve lost and gained hundreds of pounds. Today,  I have given up fighting food and have made peace with it. With guidance from Pam Rand and my doctors and the loving support of family and friends, I take this daily journey to eat right.  What do I eat today?  First of all, I have learned that I am addicted to certain foods. I have eliminated white sugar and white flour. It was difficult the first week  when the cravings were very strong. I also craved fats like butter, hard cheese,  mayonnaise, bacon and peanut butter so I also eliminated them. Now I use olive oil and ranch or Caesar dressing for added fats – that’s it. I read labels for sugar in the first five ingredients. Sugar comes in many forms like dextrose, high fructose corn syrup, etc. so I read labels carefully.

I am very satisfied with my food plan. I have breakfast, lunch, dinner and a light snack around 9 pm, which is 1 oz cereal, 8 oz plain yogurt, and a fruit. My food plan includes proteins, meat, milk products, plain yogurt, sugar-free cereals, vegetables and fruit (including fresh and frozen.)

Plenty of vegetables sautéed in broth
Plenty of vegetables sautéed in broth

Starches include whole grains like brown rice and farro, potatoes, acorn and winter squash, corn, peas, lentils, and beans. I also weigh and measure my food, except when I go out to eat. Then I usually have a Caesar salad with grilled salmon or chicken, no croutons. I’ll have a side of mashed potatoes and eat just 1/2 the order.

I spend a  few hours a week on food prep and I also carry my lunch, plus any other meals I need ‘away from home’.  It is a lot of work at first, but it becomes easier with time and practice.

Nancy preparing meals on the weekend
Nancy preparing meals on the weekend

I am careful to avoid food commercials on TV. I also do not watch cooking shows nor do I read magazines with lots of recipes. I protect my way of eating today. It is giving me a new lease on life. I am so grateful to have lost almost 50 pounds since last April. I do not weigh myself at home. My weight is monitored by my doctor once a month, which also gives me freedom from being obsessed with the scale.

Finally, I believe that the way I am eating now nourishes my spirit, my emotions and my mind, as well as my body. They are all interconnected and I benefit from healthy food choices. Feel free to contact me at 401.447.6467 or email nancy.hoogasian@gmail.com.’

Nancy needs to have structure to feel safe in our toxic food environment and what she shared works for her.  Sit in stillness to learn to know your self and and learn from others to choose common threads …. here’s a common thread:

One should fill the stomach half with food, one quarter with water, and one quarter remaining for the movement of air.  Bhagavard Gita 6.1.6

Living in a Toxic Food Environment

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